The Bitch is Back - by Greer Clem

Hello to all!

Apologies for the lack of content over the last few months. As it turns out, law school really is as time consuming as they say. But I’m back and I have thoughts - more importantly, I want to hear your thoughts as well.

First, I want to talk about the crisis at our borders and the fact that the American government is engaging in a systemic deprivation of human rights. Make no mistake, the border crisis is a human rights violation. The US Border Patrol has about a capacity of 4,000 in terms of how many detainees it can accommodate. Current numbers estimate BP to be holding 15,000 people, almost 3,000 of them children. The mandatory maximum holding time is legally 72 hours, however children and parents, many separated, are currently being held for a minimum of 5 days. These facilities are incapable of meeting basic health requirements because that is not what they are designed for. Since December, 2018, 5 children have died in American custody at the border, all from sepsis-related or flu-related illnesses, something the average American treats over the counter or with basic healthcare. Bear in mind, it remains legal to seek asylum in the United States, so while children are dying under our care, bear in mind that many at our borders have willingly turned themselves over into our custody to seek legal remedies for their lack of safety.

This summer, I am working for a criminal defense law firm. Part of this work is on asylum applications, which means I spend a good portion of my days researching country conditions across the world to support our client’s desire to live in the U.S. I read about police brutality, discrimination, lack of women’s rights, and I wonder: who is reporting on us? The US State Department and the CIA and FBI are authorities on conditions across the world. But who is looking inward? Who releases the report, the grade that America gets, for our shortcomings, our injustice? If we are unable to take up that role ourselves, will no one else call us out? I personally refuse to wait and find out the answer to that question. I will continue to look inwards, to strive to make myself and my country better.

No, it’s not easy. Yes, I am mad. But fear not - the bitch is back. In fact, she never left. And I am so glad I have all of you with me. Let’s go to work.

Greer Clem