About Nasty Politics

Founded in the turbulent weeks post-2016 Election, NastyPolitics was created as a forum to continue active discussion during the Trump presidency. NastyPolitics is a place to share news, opinions, and opportunities to combat the divisive actions of the Trump administration.

NastyPolitics was founded by Greer Clem, a Los Angeles native now living and working in Boston. A recent graduate of Tufts University with a degree in Political Science, Greer is committed to being a voice for the disenfranchised over the next four years and beyond.

NastyPolitics wants to emphasize the importance of differing opinions and educated discourse. Differing opinions are always welcome and encouraged - curious conversation is what will make us stronger over the next four years.

Thanks for checking us out! Stay nasty.

Boston Women's March January 21, 2017