Founder, Greer Clem

Founder, Greer Clem


Created by a nasty woman for americans everywhere

Our goal: 

NastyPolitics is a platform for discourse in post-Trump America. We aim to be your go-to place to learn about what is different in 2017. 2016 changed the course of history - here is where we talk about why it matters. 

why nasty politics?

Our title is derived from the moment Trump uttered, "Such a Nasty Woman" during a Presidential candidate debate. The term "Nasty Woman" has become a rallying cry for the resistance to the Trump agenda, and we're taking that same energy and using it to encourage people to talk more and keep educating themselves. We aim to be your go to for keeping up with who's who in American politics, relevant terms, and insightful op-eds.   

How it all started...A note from the founder

In the days and weeks following November 8th, I began to write down my various fears and frustrations. My wonderful friends emailed me articles and met for discussions and we tried to keep our spirits up the best way we knew how: through discussion.

Yet every day I continued to ask myself, 'What more can I do? How can I share these conversations?' And so NastyPolitics came into being.

This is a place where I hope you will find inspiration, hearty discussion, some humor, and a reason to keep fighting for the rights of every American citizen in their pursuit of happiness. 

- Greer Clem founder of NastyPolitics

Greer Clem is a recent graduate of Tufts University with a degree in Political Science. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she now lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts.