Dear Jared Kushner... - By Greer Clem

So let's get this straight. Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's son-in-law has been made a senior advisor to President Trump.

Jared Kushner, who is descended from survivors of the holocaust, was raised in New York to a family that strove to provide a better life for him. In doing so, his father donated $2.5 million dollars to ensure an acceptance to Harvard, where he was a member of the Fly Corp, a fraternity-like finals club where wealthy, misogynistic young men sit around smoking cigars and weed, doing cocaine, and plotting how they will spend their fortunes. His father then made another healthy deposit to NYU so that his son could earn his JD MBA. He then moved into the arena of New York real estate - seeking out to become the Mr. Monopoly of Manhattan. It's really no wonder he ended up marrying Ivanka. Jared has spent his life turning his money into more money and cozying up to those who do the same. 

I would urge him this: think back to your grandfather who arrived here after losing his brother-in law to a death camp. Remember that the US was a place of solace for your family then, as it is for so many now. Perhaps revisit that sociology degree from Harvard, instead of revisiting your friends on Wall Street. Remember that there are people who work for their education every day and pay for it from their own pockets. Remember that there are people who may look or speak or love differently from you but whose livelihoods and freedom depend on people like you for the next four years. Remember these things as your duty as an American.

Greer Clem