Celebrating Six Months: A Note from the Founder - By Greer Clem

Six months ago I had a voice inside my head clamoring to be heard but with no one to listen. I struggled through January 20, forced to watch a man I had no respect for stand where so many great leaders had stood and be sworn in to the highest office in our nation. Like so many Americans, I was afraid for the future of our country and the ideals that make up so much of who I am. I began to write more than I had in months. I was reading, talking to people, trying to absorb as much of what was happening and understand why the world around me was changing. I was sitting on my sofa, writing a piece for no one in particular, when I thought, "Man, these are some nasty politics." Well, you guys know the rest. 

Although the past six months have been marked with unprecedented absurdity from the White House, it has also shown me the deep-rooted strength of American ideals. The ACA lives because people like you and me made our voices heard. Local leaders all across this country have recommitted to the Paris Climate Accords, against the model set by our President. Day by day, we are working together to protect the values that have made us a global pillar of democracy.

That's not to say there haven't been days when I felt at a loss, when I didn't want to write or rebel or resist anymore. There have been many of those moments. But in those moments, I had you. I had people who I felt were hearing my words and sharing my concerns, and for that I will be eternally grateful. It is my greatest hope that Nasty Politics will continue to grow and to become a community for people who want to be the change they see we so desperately need. We are well on our way, but none of that would be possible without you, the readers. 

And so, on this self-appointed birthday, I have decided to celebrate the nasty-ness I see all around me, because it gives me hope. This is just the beginning; together, we will continue to create modern discourse for a changing America while protecting the ideals we hold so dear.

Keep fighting, keep reading, and stay nasty. 

XO Greer 

Greer Clem