Paul Nehlen

Paul Nehlen is the only declared Republican candidate set to run for Paul Ryan's vacated House seat in the Wisconsin 1st congressional district. He will be running against Democratic candidate, Randy Bryce. 

Nehlen moved to Wisconsin in 2014 and served as the Senior VP of Operations at Neptune Benson LLC, a water filtration company, until 2016. Paul Nehlen previously lost to Paul Ryan in the 2016 Republican primary by 68 points. 

Whether or not the GOP will choose another candidate to back remains to be seen. 

In the Know

Nehlen is a white nationalist. Nehlen has expressed alt-right sentiments as well as anti-semitic views. In February, he tweeted a racist photo comparison of Meghan Markle with the caption, "Honey, does this tie make my face look pale?" Twitter then responded by permanently banning Nehlen from the site, a feat even the President has not yet accomplished. Even Breitbart, which previously supported Nehlen as a politician, has denounced him for being anti-semitic and white nationalist. 

2017 Headlines

If you want to learn about his platform, click here. No surprise, he is anti-immigrant, pro Second Amendment, pro-life, anti-any-person-of-color, and in general a terrible person.

Fun Fact

Laura Ingraham previously endorsed him in the 2016 congressional race, as if you needed another reason to dislike her. 

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