Reince Priebus


Priebus served as the  White House Chief of Staff for the Trump Administration from January to July. Born in New Jersey, Priebus attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he earned his B.A. He then attended University of Miami School of Law where he served as the President of the law school student body. Priebus had clerked for the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida by the time he graduated. He also interned for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in California, which is a bummer considering who his boss is now.

Priebus ran for Wisconsin State Senate in 2004 but lost. In 2007, he was elected chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party where he helped turn the state red in 2010 elections. He also helped bring the Tea Party to the forefront of Wisconsin politics (how that goes with the NAACP, I can't figure out).

In 2011, he ran for the chairman of the Republican National Committee and won. As chairman, he won popularity by cutting the RNC's debt in half. After the 2012 election, Priebus said Republicans should support comprehensive immigration reform to afford illegal immigrants legal status. He wanted to push the party to reach minority demographics that had helped secure the Democratic victory in 2012.

In the Know:

Priebus single handedly controls who enters the Oval Office and has reprimanded people for visiting the president without his permission.

Priebus requested that the FBI refute the allegations Trump associates were in contact with Russian intelligence, a request that violates the White House's policy against political interference in pending investigations.

Priebus is seen as largely responsible for securing Sean Spicer his role as Press Secretary.

2017 Headlines:

Priebus was blamed heavily after the Republican's attempt to repeal Obamacare failed so spectacularly. Priebus coordinatedlegislative strategy along with Paul Ryan, a close ally.

Factions within the Republican Party believe Priebus to be responsible for Michael Flynn's dismissal and accuse him of trying to oust Steve Bannon, with whom he has always had a tense relationship.

Priebus has spent most of 2017 running around trying to clean up after Trump. He has the impossible task of assuring the Administration that Trump won't do something rash; this includes assuring people Trump doesn't want Paul Ryan to resign post-healthcare crisis, that he doesn't want Bannon to resign post-Kushner conflict, and basically making sure people don't all abandon ship at the same time.

Fun Fact:

Okay, I admit, this isn't a fact about him, (NAACP fact above can't be beat) but Stephen Colbert played the anagram game with his name which we all need to see. My personal favorite is "Penis Rice a Roni."

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