Stephen Miller


Or as I like to call him "Spawn of Santa Monica." Born to a liberal Jewish family in Los Angeles, Miller attended Duke University. Miller was first attracted to conservative politics in high school when he read the "Guns and Ammo" book published by the NRA (yikes). While at Duke, he co-founded the Duke Conservative Union and wrote conservative articles for the school paper.

After school, Miller worked as press secretary for Michele Bachmann, which inevitably contributed to his sound mind and reasonable platform. In 2009, he became communications director for Jeff Sessions and wrote speeches on immigration. In 2016, he joined Trump's campaign as a senior policy advisor.

In the Know:

Miller's close relationship with Jeff Sessions had enormous impact on Trump's decision to appoint him as Attorney General. Sessions and Miller crafted what they call "nation-state populism," which is a strongly conservative response to globalism, which they are both fervently opposed to. Miller also helpedSessions combat bipartisan immigration reform, both being opponents of giving legal status to illegal immigrants.

During the 2016 election, Miller was the warm-up speech giver at many of Trump's rallies. He also wrote the speech Trump gave to the Republican National Convention, a speech littered with fascist ideas and aptly titled, "American Carnage."

2017 Headlines:

Amid the Bannon versus Kushner war, White House insiders have reported that Miller has chosen to ally himself with Kushner and the President's daughter Ivanka.

Notably, Miller was present when Trump gave the order to strike against Syria. 

Miller was instrumental in rolling out Trump's Muslim Ban, not surprising considering his stance on immigration and inherent racism.

Fun Fact:

Zach Braff really wants to play him on SNL. That's what I call a silver lining.

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